Celibacy Mastery

If you want to feel a certain way, you need to take action to get there. YOU have the power to shift your reality, but the process of shifting your reality isn’t always blissful. It takes work.

It takes discipline.

Building our sexual energy takes serious discipline because we’re going against basically everything society has taught us about sex. Society teaches us that sex is shameful – that we shouldn’t talk about it or celebrate it – and that men’s sexuality is dangerous.

Fuck that.

What’s truly dangerous is the way our society treats sex.


Porn teaches us to fuck like robots, it disconnects almost all of us from our bodies and teaches us that ejaculation is the main goal of sex.

Society and porn together create an ejaculation-obsessed culture that keeps almost all men continuously drained and disconnected from their power.

It’s time to reclaim this power in a healthy way.


If you want to feel sexually powerful, you need to stop doing things that drain your power, and start doing things that build your power.

I have some proven amazing methods to come out of pornography addiction.

Join me and bring a bright star in you.